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Here Without You Ending
Jon’s voice had a bite to it which made Emile lift his slightly pink face from his hands. His eyes still had leftover tears in them and were tinted red.
“Emile, what did I just get finished telling you? Come on, get up and go back inside. I’ll be fine, don’t worry. In fact, stop worrying. Go and eat and warm up, it’s much to cold to be sitting out here on your own…”
Emile sniffed, “But you’re here aren’t you?”
Emile pictured Jon rolling his eyes at him.
“Shut up you doofus… Go…”
Emile drew in a shaky breath and wiped his eyes of any remaining tears and took in another breath, this one fuller and stood up from the curb.
“Alright, I-I’ll go… I guess…”
Emile’s answer drifted away into the silent and cold air. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his friend. He looked around one last time, only hearing his lingering
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 24 12
Mature content
Envious Nightmare Part 2 :iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 8 9
Mature content
Envious Nightmare Part 1 :iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 8 1
Getting Up
He's not gone… I know he's not… He can't be gone… It's just… Not possible…
I've just been lying in bed all day, attempting to wrap my mind around what I just read. I've probably read this note 10 times. I refuse to accept what it says.
Do I dare get out of bed? Do I dare get up and face the harsh reality? Or do I merely bury my face under my pillows and blankets and sleep for the rest of my life, avoiding reality for as long as I can?
I've dealt with hardships and stress in the past, but nothing like this, nothing at all.
I wonder how red my eyes are right now? How long has it been since the last time I cried like this? I don't think I've ever actually cried this hard in my life…
He's not gone… I know he's not… He can't be gone… It's just…
I've somehow managed to sit up in my bed, my back now against the headboard, but my arms still lay limply at my side. My eyes are on fire and I'm sure they're red as
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 12 5
TRG: Nap Time ::Contest Entry::
"Well guys, I guess until next time this has been…"
Emile looked to his right,
Then he looked to his left,
"Josh Jepson!"
He finally looked around Tim,
"And ProtonJon…"
"See you guys for the next project we have lined up for ya!"
Emile could hear Jon's tiredness in his voice and he could see it too. Jon had the beginnings of black circles under his eyes and his body seemed to sag under the weight of sleeplessness. Emile looked away from the tired blond and got up from the couch they had been sitting on for the past innumerable hours, hitting a button on his laptop to stop his recording software. Josh quickly got up from the couch and stretched, his yellow shirt rising up to expose a small portion of his belly-button. His stomach immediately growled which prompted a trip to the kitchen.
"Do you want anything Emile?"
The brunette, who was wearing a classic solid red polo, simply shook his head, more concentrated on his laptop and ensuring the safety of its contents. A
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 17 8
Masquerade Page 9 (JonXGirlfriend)
Jon blinked a few times, taken aback at how much the girl spoke now because of how little he had actually heard her speak during the night, but didn't utter another word to her. Jon felt her arms unwrap around him and he unwillingly let go of her. He knew that it was time to go. He took one hesitant step back from the girl who still had a smile on her face. She had her hands clasped together and they rested in front of her. Jon quickly drew his eyebrows together under his mask and took one large step forward, re-capturing the masked girl in his arms. He pressed his lips against hers once, more sparks going through his body. He unlocked his lips and gave her one final hug before finally turning away. His body screamed at him to look back, to steal one final glance at the beautifully laced girl with the cat mask.
She'll disappear forever if I do. I just need to go; go, and not look back until I get to the car…
He quickly walked out of the grounds of the estate and to his car, easi
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 7 9
Masquerade Page 8 (JonXGirlfriend)
Her lips were as soft as the kiss. In this dance, he allowed her to lead and he could feel arms slowly begin to wrap around him. He followed suit and placed his hands around her waist, drawing her closer to his body, but still keeping the same light kiss. The butterflies wouldn't stop moving in Jon's stomach and some seemed to even travel up into his neck, causing the hair to stand up straight. His heart ran a million beats a minute and he didn't dare re-open his shut eyes, afraid to only wake up from a dream. He tightened his grip around her, but as soon as it started, it ended.
She pulled away, her lipstick still perfect, but the lips in a smile. Jon could feel the redness in his face and all he could was continue to look at the beautiful girl that was now in his arms; his own arms, not those of another.
"Jon… Are you alright?"
Jon couldn't feel it, but there was a frown on his face despite the kiss he just received. He blinked a few times before bringing the girl back close to him,
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 5 1
Masquerade Page 7 (JonXGirlfriend)
"Well then dear, if you're having a good time, then please go continue to do so. You know we have no problem with that…"
The girl smiled and nodded, looking up to Jon who looked back at her, unsure of what to do now. He looked back towards the large front windows and saw a familiar sight, which caused him to know exactly what they should go do.
"Come with me…"
The girl latched onto Jon's extended elbow and he quickly led her outside into the now snowing night.
The two parents watched them go and the woman clutched the man's arm like their daughter was doing with Jon.
"Doesn't that look like such a familiar sight? I remember when we were younger and we were able to just take off like that."
The man let out a hearty chuckle and kissed the back of the woman's hand as she leaned her head against his arm.
"I remember as well… I think our daughter has finally found some one…"
The woman smiled to herself, "Or maybe you're just going soft."
The man smiled at the retort as he clutched his wife
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 5 1
Masquerade Page 6 (JonXGirlfriend)
The woman had a very large smile on her very thin looking face and she nodded to the two of them.
"You two seemed to have a good time out there!"
Jon could feel another blush crawl into his cheeks and he hoped the neither of them noticed. The girl broke away from Jon and went up the two, hugging them.
"Mum, dad, I would like you to meet Jonathan. He was kind enough to dance with me, as you saw…"
Jon thought he saw the man quickly tense before finally extending his arm. Jon took his hand and shook it, hoping he wasn't being too forceful. They broke the grip and then Jon moved to the woman. She held out her hand and Jon lightly kissed the top of it, mostly on impulse, but still caused the woman to giggle like her daughter did. Jon straightened back into a standing pose.
"May I speak with you for a moment Jonathan?"
The man's voice was deeper than Jon anticipated and he followed him over to the near corner of the large room, heart now racing in fear.
"Thank you so such for dancing with my
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 6 2
Masquerade Page 5 (JonXGirlfriend)
Jon smiled at the thought and the girl smiled back at him.
The blond blinked, the girl's way of saying his name very captivating to his ears. He looked from under his mask through the lace adorned eye slots of the girl and into her eyes.
"Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me that I finally got a dance after all these years…"
The blond smiled, desperately trying to calm his racing heart.
"It's no trouble honestly, I was thinking about leaving if I didn't find anyone. Besides, I find it odd no one even TRIED to approach you…"
The girl looked down with her eyes.
"You can thank my father for that. He's one of those kinds of dad's where he won't let ANYONE of the opposite gender anywhere near me… It's so odd, because my mom is the exact opposite. She's always trying to set me up with guys despite my father's anger. I have pretty much lived a contradiction of a life…"
Jon swallowed and felt as she came a bit closer without losing her spot in the stepping
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 6 2
Masquerade Page 4 (JonXGirlfriend)
"Hi, … Would you uh… care to join me…?"
As he stumbled asking the question, he swore he could have heard his voice crack. He pursed his lips and waited for a response from the girl, who, after what seemed like hours, finally nodded her head, a small and sheepish smile on the bottom half of her face. He let out a sigh of relief in his head and felt as the butterflies readjusted in his stomach. He took a step back from the girl and extended his hand out to her, a slight bow in his posture. He thought he heard a giggle as she lightly set her gloved hand on top of his. He clutched the small hand and raised himself back up into a straighter position, slowly leading them onto the floor. A new waltz began to play and people slowly began to come onto the floor or leave.  The blond lightly placed a hand on her waist and he felt her hand rest on his shoulder. He took her other hand in his and they slowly began to sway to the music.
"So, what's your name…?"
The girl's voice was soft and deli
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 7 1
Under the Stars by JemOpal112 Under the Stars :iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 4 3
Masquerade Page 3 (JonXGirlfriend)
The man's voice was loud and it seemed to echo in the silent room. He paused for a moment and furiously dug in his pockets before finally pulling out a small red popper. He undid the string and pointed the small firework at the ceiling. He pulled the string and small streamers of confetti flew out as it let out its signature snap. Light applause immediately followed the pop and the fat man went into an awkward bow before he turned and retreated back up the steps. As he ascended the stairs the murmurs of the people returned as the music gradually continued from when it had stopped.
I guess that was opening ceremony. I expected something a little more spectacular, but I guess if the man himself comes out and speaks then it must be a good thing. Though, I can't tell if he's the host or just the owner of the building…  
The growling of the blonde's stomach now diverted his attention away from the intricate and colorful outfits and over to the food. He skirted the edge of the la
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 6 6
Masquerade Page 2 (JonXGirlfriend)
"It feels so strange to wear something that's not just a simple t-shirt and jeans combo.
Well, it doesn't matter …"
The man looked over to the small bedside clock; the red letters showed that the time was around 6.
"Better get going so that I don't miss opening ceremony…"
He pulled out one of the drawers of the dresser and pulled out a pair of wadded up black socks. He pulled up his pants legs, put on the socks and then walked back into the bathroom. He gazed at himself from under the mask, his blue eyes hidden from the world.
"I guess it's too late to fix my hair, that's ok, it doesn't look that bad anyway."
He nodded at himself reassuringly before flicking off the light and walking out of the compact bathroom that still had a lingering smell of his cologne. He walked through the small house, checking that all the lights were off.
"See you later Duchess! I shouldn't be later than midnight! Be good for me!"
He didn't hear a mew from his cat so he assumed she was already out for the nig
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 7 4
Masquerade Page 1 (JonXGirlfriend)
A static tune lightly drifted out of laptop speakers.
You like music we can dance to…
A blond man was listening to the tune from his bathroom. He raised an arm in the air and rolled on deodorant before switching it to the other hand to get the other pit. He set his arms down to his side and grabbed a dark navy blue bottle of cologne, pushing down on the nozzle, the smell overwhelming his small bathroom. He began to cough as he walked out only in his boxers.
"Man… I can't even remember the last time I dressed like this…"
A new song had begun to play out of his laptop and he vaguely sang along with the tune as he shuffled through his closet, pulling out various pieces of clothes and throwing them onto his bed. A small cat jumped up onto the bed, letting out a small meow. The blond turned back around, clothes piled in his arms. He threw them onto the bed before stroking the top of the cat's head, the cat purring softly at the contact.
"Hey Duchess."
A small smile came onto the blon
:iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 9 8
Golf Course by JemOpal112 Golf Course :iconjemopal112:JemOpal112 3 0

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